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I wrote the first of these for a prompt over at smallfandomfest and I thought it might be relevant to the interests of people here that there are quite a few Stardust (movie-verse) prompts still in need of being written.

Title: First Loves; Second Chances
Author: glinda_penguin
Rating & Warnings: 12 & none
Characters/Pairings: Una/Dunstan
Summary: They shared no secrets and told each other no lies; perhaps it was better this way, loving from a distance.

She flirts often but keeps her heart safely to herself; lovers will abandon her and her kin do not know where she is to exact revenge.

Title: Always with the Poisons
Author: glinda_penguin
Rating & Warnings: 12 & small murderous children maybe?
Characters/Pairings: Una and Septimus
Summary: She cannot be Queen; so he'll just have to be King.

Blue becomes his favourite colour, the colour of safety, of success, of the Queen who will never be.
26 December 2008 @ 09:16 am
yuletide, the annual gift-fic exchange, has some lovely new fics for the Stardust book and film this year. Happy reading!
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30 November 2008 @ 10:58 am
Title: Starlight
Author: shiegra
Fandom: Stardust (movie)
Pairing: Yvaine/Tristan
Rating: NC17

Summary: He warms her.

Read Here
01 October 2008 @ 08:38 pm
Hi all! I'm sandoz_iscariot, your new community moderator.

Since this is such a peaceful little community, the rules will remain unchanged. I've spruced up the profile page, and will get around to giving the comm a new layout and making a more comprehensive tag list.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can PM me here on LiveJournal or email me at Sandoz.Iscariot@gmail.com.

Happy stargazing!
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01 October 2008 @ 06:18 pm
It is I, your long-errant mod, here to ask if anyone else would like to take over this community.

I'm perfectly content to just let it sit under my name, but if someone else would like to take over, organize entries, revamp the layout, whatever, you are welcome to have the comm wholesale.  Just drop a comment here if you're interested!
16 August 2008 @ 05:35 pm
Title: Stargazing.
Author: churched
Rating & Warnings: G. Um... some melancholy-ness? Not angst, per se, but just a certain resignation to the way things are going. Short little one-shot piece.
Characters/Pairings: Yvaine, Tristan, mentions of Captain Shakespeare and Victoria.
Summary: "No star can shine with a broken heart, she remembers the old ones telling her."

( Follow the yellow brick fake cut... )
10 August 2008 @ 05:02 pm
Hi all. 

This is a link to the first part of a fic i'm posting on Stormhold Seven called 'The Raven's Heart'. 

Summary as follows:
Yvaine gets stuck on a flying pirate ship with two princes, one of whom doesn't know it and neither of whom know she's a star... She thinks they're both quite nice... in rather different ways!

Characters: Yvaine, Tristan, Septimus, Captain Shakespeare, Una, Lamia, Ditchwater Sal 
Disclaimer: Anything that belongs to someone else, belongs to whoever it belongs to...  
Warnings: Um... This is actually quite a nice little tale... 
Rating: PG 

The Raven's Heart
27 May 2008 @ 12:51 am
Title: Lullaby
Author: Rakushi
Rating & Warnings: T/PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Tristan/Yvaine
Summary: A lullaby he sang to her. The best one she'd ever heard.
Link: She remembers the first thing he said to her in their bedchambers...

Hello, all! New here and SO glad I found a community dedicated to Stardust fanfiction. So I thought I'd post something I wrote myself. It's just a small drabble but I hope you all enjoy it!
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